My name is Stee Courtez. I am a Paranormal Investigator/ITC Researcher from the Lake District UK.

From an early age I have been witness to a multitude of strange goings on, nothing I have ever been given or found a rational explanation for. It wasn’t until a recent chance meeting with a group of local paranormal investigators (and being asked to join the team) did I realise that that I seem to be a magnet to this kind of thing.

Although this is something that I still have a hard time accepting due to my sceptical and rational ways of thinking, some of the things I have experienced (and managed to record) over the past 18 months as an investigator have re ignited my personal quest for answers.

I have an ever growing realisation that I have an ability to intelligently communicate with the spirit world (or whatever it is) through EVP and ITC research methods. Yet the battle inside me between sceptic and believer rages on.

I am hoping that through further research into this field will provide me with the proof I need to accept the existence of the afterlife. Some may argue I have that calibre of evidence already, however I still have yet to find that one piece that really and truly sways my decision.

I am not sure what it will take yet but I’ll keep doing what I am doing whilst sharing that experience and evidence through this website.